At Benefit Design Services, we're committed to offering excellent benefit products with competent, friendly customer service. We're proud of and grateful for the feedback we receive from our clients.

"The best benefit plan for your money"
-- Larry, Local Officer, Louisiana

"Benefit Design Services provides great benefit programs and service to all my local's members."
-- Mike, Local President, Pennsylvania

"I'm very happy with your disability program. The representatives at Benefit Design Services are always very helpful."
-- Eva, Member, New Jersey

"Every time I contact Benefit Design Services, there is always someone available to assist my local's needs. Calls are always returned promptly when researching a situation is required."
-- Marc, Local President, Louisiana

"I'm very happy with Benefit Design Services. They are the nicest insurance agency I've ever dealt with."
-- Denise, Member, Louisiana

"Benefit Design Services is a great company. Their programs are very important and offer helpful benefits to our members."
--Thomas, Local President, North Carolina

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"[This plan] makes a world of difference"
-- Reginal Rep., Louisiana

"The representatives [at Benefit Design Services] are extremely helpful and considerate."
-- Andrea, Member, Pennsylvania


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