Benefit Design Services, Inc. has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with organized labor unions since 1991. We provide specific products, benefit levels and rates designed exclusively for union members. Currently, we serve over 22,000 union members in 33 states - and are continuously adding new locals each month!

BDS offers the most comprehensive package of short and long-term disability income coverage available in the market today, for union members only.

  • First-time participants have guaranteed acceptance into the program, regardless of medical history and conditions
  • Members may purchase additional short-term benefits to insure up to 50% of their gross monthly income including overtime. Employer-provided sickness-and-accident benefits (S&A) in the paper and related industries are often significantly less than what a member needs to survive financially in the event of a disability. This coverage helps to ensure that you can meet your financial needs.
  • Long-term coverage can also be purchased to insure up to a total of 50% of a member's gross income for up to 5 years. (certain limits may apply)
  • No offset for social security.
  • Portable Protection .
  • All voluntary benefits are completely tax-free!

Life Insurance
With the guaranteed issue provisions available at initial enrollments, no union member, spouse or child will be turned down regardless of current or past medical conditions.

Pension Maximization
We offer an unmatched program designed to maximize your income during retirement. This specific program is not available anywhere else and is available only for union members.

This is an exciting new program for your consideration and is extremely important to your financial security during retirement!

  • Available to union members age 45 years and older.
  • Provides members with a way to maximize pension benefits without risks or loss to themselves or their beneficiary.
  • Guaranteed issue on the member's spouse.
  • Full benefit payments to spouse can begin before retirement, upon member's death
  • Full refund of premiums if spouse passes away before member

Critical Illness Insurance
Most people expect that their health insurance policies will pay for all their expenses in the event of a critical illness. However, due to many hidden costs of a critical illness, financial needs often far exceed the coverage of a standard medical plan. A family can be hit hard by overwhelming medical expenses and loss of income. Explore the benefits of a critical illness policy through Benefit Design Services, Inc. A critical illness policy pays a lump sum benefit (in the format of your choice) for covered illnesses, including but not limited to heart attack, stroke, major organ transplant, and coronary artery bypass surgery.

Long Term Care Insurance
Many people think that long-term care is something that only the elderly need to worry about. But the facts say otherwise.

Here are some important facts:

  • Forty percent of Americans currently receiving long term care are under the age of 65.
  • Right now, nearly 1.5 million Americans live in a long-term care facility, with another five million requiring some kind of daily living assistance.
  • The national average cost of nursing home care is currently $41,000 per year... with generally over 30% of that fee being paid out-of-pocket.

Long-term care insurance, through BDS, helps to protect against the high costs of an extended illness or disability. We offer a product which provides the following:

  • You can receive care at home or in a long- term care facility. You make the choice.
  • No coordination of benefits with Medicare or other insurance
  • Respite Care benefits to relieve a caregiver when needed
  • You do not need to be hospitalized in order to receive benefits
  • The Total Home Care option will pay benefits regardless of who provides home care

Start considering your long-term care options now.

Contact us for information on offering any of the above unique benefits to the members of your local. Call Benefit Design Services today at 800-982-9280.

New payment options open up possibilities for all!

BDS now offers payment options that allows employees to participate in a benefit plan…whether or not an employer chooses to allow payroll deductions.

We're now pleased to offer payment options via electronic funds transfer. Your members may pay for their benefits through automatic deduction from their bank or credit union checking or savings accounts, with funds transmitted directly to the insurance company. Of course, our traditional payment plan through payroll deductions is still available. Call us for details!


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